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Mason jars are some of the most versatile pieces of kitchenware around. You can use them for a wide variety of purposes, both in and outside of the kitchen. And especially if you’re a canner like me and have mason jars already, it’s great to be able to use them multiple ways.

With that in mind, here are 25 creative ways to use mason jars- from decorating your home to storing food to making lamps. So, get creative and see how you can put these handy little jars to use!

#1: Make Cold Brew Coffee in Mason Jars

creative uses for mason jars - make cold brew coffee

You can use mason jars to make cold brew coffee. This is a fantastic way to make coffee if you like it strong, because it doesn’t get diluted as much as when it’s made with hot water.

Here are two ways to make cold brew coffee in a mason jar.

Method 1

1. Fill a mason jar about halfway with coffee grounds.

2. Fill the jar the rest of the way with cold water.

3. Stir to make sure all the grounds are wet, then screw on the lid.

4. Put the jar in the fridge and let it steep for 12 hours or more.

5. When you’re ready to drink it, strain the coffee through coffee filter or fine mesh strainer.

6. Enjoy your cold brew coffee!

Method 2

The second method is my favorite method because it’s less messy and far more convenient. I recommend using this stainless-steel cold brew coffee and tea filter kit from True Leaf Market. This kit includes everything you need, including the coffee, the stainless-steel filter, and the jar. You can also buy the filter separately.

The cold brew coffee filter is made specifically for use with mason jars and reduces a lot of the mess and hassle of making cold brew coffee in canning jars.

#2: Store Food in Mason Jars to Keep it Fresh

Mason jars are great for storing food because they keep it fresh and can be reused repeatedly. You can store all sorts of things in mason jars, like flour, sugar, spices, rice, pasta, beans, nuts, and more.

Just make sure to clean the jars well before you use them, and screw on the lids tightly so nothing can get in.

I personally store all the food I dehydrate in canning jars. I love that it keeps the critters out, and that the jars are airtight.

If you plan to add the food you’re storing in mason jars to your long-term food storage, I recommend vacuum sealing the jars using a vacuum sealer with the mason jar attachments. You can get both on Amazon.

Pro tip: Don’t vacuum seal jars that have sugar in them, or the sugar will turn hard as a rock!

#3: Use Mason Jars for Canning

creative uses for mason jars
Red pickled onions are a beautiful site to behold!

Mason jars are also great for canning fruits, vegetables, meat, and more. This is a terrific way to preserve food, and it’s also a wonderful way to give gifts of homemade food. If you’ve never canned before, here’s a quick overview of how water bath canning works:

1. Start by sterilizing your canning jars and lids. You can do this by boiling them for 10 minutes in a large pot of water.

2. While the jars are boiling, prepare your fruits or vegetables.

3. Once you’ve sterilized the jars, fill them with your fruits or vegetables, and add syrup or canning liquid if desired.

4. screw on the lids tightly, and then process the jars in a boiling water bath for the appropriate amount of time (this depends on what you’re canning).

5. Once the jars are done processing, remove them from the boiling water and let them cool.

6. You can then store the jars in a cool, dark place for up to a year.

If you’re actually going to can food, it’s important to follow instructions that are specific to the food you are canning. I recommend checking out the National Center for Home Food Preservation for more information. You can also pick up the book, The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving on Amazon.

#4: Make an Oil Lamp out of a Mason Jar

You can also use mason jars to make oil lamps. Just fill the jars with oil, add a wick, and light them up. These make great emergency lamps, and they’re also just fun to have around.

To can grab all of the supplies you need, as well as complete mason jar oil lamp kits on Amazon.

#5: Use a Mason Jar as a Drinking Glass

a mason jar with a bubbly beverage and strawberries

Mason jars make great drinking glasses! They’re sturdy, they have a nice weight to them, and they’re just the right size for a good drink.

You can use them for water, juice, iced tea, or any other beverage you like. Just make sure to wash them well before you use them.

There’s a wide variety of mason jar lids with straw holes to choose from on Amazon.

#6: Use a Mason Jar as a Vase

a mason jar with flowers in it

Mason jars also make great vases! Just add some water and flowers, and you’ve got a beautiful arrangement. You can put the flowers directly into the glass jar, or if you want a bit more control over arranging the flowers pick up one of these mason jar flower organizer lids on Amazon.

You can use canning jars of all different sizes for this, as long as they are deep enough for the flowers, You can even decorate them however you like. In my opinion, the flowers are decoration enough, especially if you like the country vibe that mason jars are known for.

#7: Use a Mason Jar to Store Sprouting Seeds

Mason jars are a fantastic way to store seeds. They are airtight, which keeps the seeds viable longer.

To use a canning jar to store seeds, simply fill the jar with seeds, screw on the lid, and label the jar with the date and type of seed. Then, store the jar in a cool, dark place.

When you are ready to grow the sprouts, simply open the jar and pour out the desired amount.

Mason jars are an inexpensive and straightforward way to keep your seeds stored safely and securely.

#8: Use a Mason Jar as a Piggy Bank

a mason jar with coins in it

A mason jar can be a great way to save money. You can use it as a piggy bank by decorating the jar and then adding coins through the slot in the lid. Or you can just unscrew the lid every time you have some change to add.

Pro tip: If you want to grab a lid that already has a slot cut into it, you can pick one up on Amazon.

Every time you have some spare change, put it in the jar. Once the jar is full, you can take it to the bank and trade it in for cash. You can also head to your local grocery store, since a lot of grocery stores now have machines that count coins for you and then pay you (minus a small fee) the value of your coins.

My husband loves storing up spare change in jars. Sometimes he pays in cash just for the thrill of getting coins to put in his jar!

This is a fantastic way to save up for something fun like dinner out or spending money for a vacation.

If you’re looking for a more creative way to save money, a mason jar piggy bank can be a fun and uncomplicated way to do it.

#9. Use a Mason Jar as a Soap Dispenser

You can repurpose a mason jar as a soap dispenser with a few simple materials. All you need is a mason jar, a soap dispenser pump, and a rubber washer.

First, remove the lid from the mason jar. Next, take the soap dispenser pump and tightly screw it into the lid.

Finally, place the rubber washer over the hole in the lid and screw on the pump cap. This will create a seal that will prevent any leaks.

With this easy method, you can turn any canning jar into a stylish and functional soap dispenser.

If you want something even easier, pick up a mason jar soap dispenser top on Amazon.

#10: Use a Mason Jar as a Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

Mason jars make a great toothbrush and toothpaste holder. To use it for this purpose, I recommend a kit, since they have the right size holes already drilled into the lid.

Whether you’re looking for a convenient place to store your dental essentials or are simply looking for a creative way to upcycle an old canning jar, using it as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder is a great option.

#11: Make a Mason Jar into a Terrarium

A terrarium is a fantastic way to add some greenery to your home without a lot of time or effort. And what could be more charming than a terrarium made in a mason jar?

To create your own terrarium, start by adding a layer of gravel or sand to the bottom of the jar. This helps with drainage and prevents the roots of your plants from getting waterlogged.

Then, add a layer of moistened potting mix. Make sure to pack the mix down gently so that it is compact but not too dense.

Next, add your plants. Choose plants that are small and slow growing, as they will have the best chance of thriving in their limited space.

Once you have added your plants, top off the soil with another layer of gravel or sand. Finally, seal up the jar and place it in a spot that receives indirect sunlight.

If you prefer to go the convenient route, pick up a mason jar terrarium kit on Amazon.

With a little care, your terrarium will provide you with years of enjoyment.

#12: Use Mason Jars with the Kratky Method of Growing Vegetables

You can also use mason jars for the Kratky method of growing vegetables. The Kratky method is a simple hydroponic technique that doesn’t require any fancy equipment.

All you need is a canning jar, some netting, or rocks to support the plant, and a nutrient solution. Many people like to use net pots and clay pebbles.

Mason jars are the perfect size for growing small plants like herbs and lettuce.

To set up your Kratky system, fill the jar with water and a nutrient solution and place your plant on top of the netting or rocks.

 The roots will dangle down into the liquid, where they will absorb the nutrients they need to grow.

The Kratky method is an easy way to get started with hydroponics, and it’s a wonderful way to grow fresh produce all year round.

#13: Grow Sprouts in a Mason Jar

Sprouts are a nutritious and flavorful addition to any meal, and they’re easy to grow at home with just a few supplies.

All you need is a wide-mouth mason jar, some cheesecloth or a coffee filter, and your choice of sprouting seeds.

To get started, soak your seeds in water overnight. Then, drain the seeds and rinse them thoroughly. Put the soaked seeds back into the glass jar.

Next, put some cheesecloth or a coffee filter on top of the mason jar and secure it in place with a rubber band. Invert the jar so that any residual moisture drains off. Rinse the seeds twice a day. In just a few days, you’ll have fresh sprouts to enjoy.

If you plan to grow sprouts in a canning jar on a regular basis, I recommend buying lids that are specifically made for sprouting in mason jars. I like both these stainless-steel sprouting lids, as well as this plastic one that you can get from True Leaf Market.

#14: Use as a Spice, Flour or Parmesan Cheese Shaker

creative uses for mason jars - use as a flour, spice, or parmesan cheese shaker

A mason jar is the perfect vessel for a spice or Parmesan cheese shaker. All you need is a jar with a tight-fitting lid and some small holes punched in the top.

Or, if you want a more professional look without the hassle of doing it yourself, pick up this set of lids (Amazon) that already has the holes.

Next, simply fill the jar with your desired ingredient, screw on the lid, and give it a shake.

The holes allow the ingredients to flow freely, and the tight fit of the lid prevents any accidental spills.

#15: Use Mason Jars to Ferment Vegetables

fermenting radishes in a mason jar
Radishes fermenting in a mason jar

Since I love using canning jars, when I decided to start fermenting, rather than buying a traditional fermenting crock, I looked for something that would work well with mason jars.

I ended up buying this mason jar fermenting kit from True Leaf Market.

Pro Tip: Check out these two articles where I demonstrate the use of the fermenting kit:

#16: Use Grater Attachments on a Mason Jar

A mason jar grater lid is a great invention. I love it because I can grate cheese, carrots, etc. and they go right into the jar.

I recommend using the grater lid for the actual grating, and then a plastic mason jar lid for storage. I bought both on Amazon.

#17: Use a Mason Jar as a Crisco Lamp and Heater

You can make a lamp and a heater using nothing more than a mason jar, Crisco, and a candle or wick. The Crisco will burn for hours, providing plenty of light.

A lot of people use this as part of their emergency storage to use in case of a power outage. Here’s a video that shows how to make an emergency lantern with Crisco and glass jars.

#18: Use a Mason Jar to Store Buttons and Other Small Trinkets

A mason jar is a versatile storage option for small items like buttons and trinkets.

The screw-on lid provides a tight seal that keeps contents safe and dust-free, and the clear glass sides make it easy to see what’s inside.

Mason jars come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that’s just the right fit for your needs.

To use a canning jar for button storage, simply remove the lid and unscrew the band. Then, lay the buttons out on a sheet of tissue paper or wax paper and place them inside the jar.

The tissue or wax paper helps keep similar buttons together so it’s easier to find the ones you need. If you’re going for something more decorative, and have a lot of colorful buttons, you can skip the paper.

Once the buttons are in place, screw on the lid and band to secure it. This simple storage solution is an attractive and efficient way to keep your buttons organized and within reach.

#19: Use a Mason Jar as a Utensil Holder

A mason jar can be the perfect utensil holder for your kitchen. It’s a stylish way to organize your cooking tools, and it keeps them within easy reach.

Plus, the wide mouth of the jar makes it easy to grab the utensil you need without having to dig through a drawer.

To use a mason jar as a utensil holder, simply place it on your countertop or inside a cabinet. Then fill it with your favorite cooking utensils, such as wooden spoons, spatulas, and whisks.

For an added touch of style, you can tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar or decorate the jar with stickers that match your kitchen decor.

#20: Use a Mason Jar as a Candle Holder

mason jars with candles in them

A mason jar makes a great candle holder because it is durable and heat resistant.

To use a canning jar as a candle holder, first clean the jar and remove the lid. Then, cut a piece of wick that is long enough to reach the bottom of the jar plus an extra inch or two.

Next, secure the wick to the bottom of the jar with a dot of hot glue.

Finally, fill the jar with melted candles wax, making sure that the wick is centered in the wax. Allow the wax to cool and harden before lighting the candle.

Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each use.

Pro tip: And of course, if you want to do things the easy way, just pick up some small candles and place them in a mason jar.

#21: Make a Mason Jar into a Balloon Lantern

Making a lantern out of a mason jar is a fun and easy project. All you need is a jar, some wire, a balloon, and a candle.

First, put a tealight or LED candle in the bottom of the jar.

Next, bend the wire into a loop that will fit snugly around the neck of the jar. Next, stretch the balloon over the top of the jar, and secure it in place with the wire loop.

This simple lantern makes a great decoration for any outdoor party or gathering. Plus, it’s a terrific way to recycle an old mason jar.

Pro Tip: I’d personally use helium balloons, tie a ribbon on them, and tie the ribbon around the neck of the jar. Add a candle to the jar for some ambience and soft lighting.

#22: Store Office Supplies in a Mason Jar

 paper clips in mason jars
small mason jars are perfect for storing small office supplies like paper clips

Is your desk cluttered with pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small office supplies?

Keep them organized by storing them in a mason jar. This is a great way to keep your desk tidy, and it’s also a lot more fun than just having everything in a boring plastic container.

#23: Use a Mason Jar to Bake Individual Cakes

Mason jars are not just for canning and preserving anymore. You can use canning jars for baking individual cakes.

To bake a cake in a mason jar, simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl, mix well, and pour into the jars. Be sure to leave enough room for the cake to rise. Then, place the jars in a preheated oven and bake for the specified time.

When the cakes finish baking you can remove them from the jars and serve them immediately. You can also eat the cake directly from the jar. If you want to serve them later, while the jar is still piping hot, put a canning lid on the jar and screw on the band. The heat from the jar will cause the lid to seal.

Some people swear by this as a way to add baked cake to your long-term food storage, and others say it will kill you. I have done it for short-term storage and eaten the cake within a few weeks.

I also used this method to send birthday cake to my brother who lives in a different state. We had a Zoom birthday party where we all ate our cakes in a jar together. So, while it may not be safe for long term storage, you can use it to send cake to a loved one.

#24: Make a Mason Jar Chandelier

Making a mason jar chandelier is a fun and easy project that can add a touch of rustic charm to any space. All you need are some mason jars, a piece of wood, and some twine or wire.

First, drill a hole in the center of the lid of each canning jar. Next, screw the lids onto the piece of wood, spacing them evenly.

Finally, use the twine or wire to create a hanger on the back of the wood.

Your mason jar chandelier is now ready to hang and enjoy!

#25: Use Mason Jars as Plant Pots

If you’re looking for a cheap and uncomplicated way to start your own indoor herb garden, then mason jars are the perfect solution.

All you need is a few mason jars, some potting soil, and some seeds.

Once you’ve got your supplies, simply fill the jars with soil, plant the seeds, and water them regularly. In no time at all, you’ll have fresh herbs to add to your cooking.

Just be sure not to overwater since the jar won’t have drainage.

So, there you have it- 25 creative ways to use mason jars! Get creative and see how many different ways you can put these handy little jars to use!