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In this article and video, I demonstrate and review the Mini Microgreens Kit from True Leaf Market. I unbox the kit, show the various components, and walk you through the entire process of growing microgreens in the Mini Microgreens Kit. At the end of the process, I share my thoughts about whether or not it’s worth buying the kit. I also touch on who I believe should buy the kit.

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Unboxing the Mini Microgreens Kit from True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market Mini Microgreens Kit

The attractive packaging is the first thing that struck me about this kit. The attractiveness of it is what makes it an excellent, low-cost gift. It would be a great stocking stuff, party favor, or gift for friends, neighbors and coworkers.

The outside of the package includes basic instructions, and the inside of the package includes excellent, step-by-step instructions that make it easy for anyone, regardless of experience level, successfully grow microgreens.

True Leaf Market Mini Microgreens Kit

The kit also includes a reusable container with lid, 2 small coconut coir pucks (enough to fill up the container one time), a small spray bottle, and a pre-measured packet of seeds.

Easy Microgreens Kit

The container and lid, and the spray bottle are all reusable, but you will need to buy growing medium (soil or coconut coir) and seeds for additional grows.

Mini-Microgreens Kit Step-by-Step Instructions

Now let’s get into how to use the Mini-Microgreens Kit from True Leaf Market.

Days 1-2

Hydrate the Coconut Coir Pucks

Microgreens for Beginners

Put the coconut coir pucks that come with the kit into the container. Add the water, a little at a time, adding more water as needed. According to the instructions, you’ll need to add approximately 7 tablespoons of water, or about 1/2 cup.



Level Out the Soil

True Leaf Market Mini Microgreens Kit

Once you’ve hydrated the coconut coir pucks, you need to level out the soil. The instructions say to use a fork to level out the soil, but I just used my fingers.

Add the Seeds

Microgreens Kit for Beginners

The next step is to evenly distribute the seeds on the soil. The seeds that come with the kit are premeasured, so be sure to use all of the seeds.

Mist the Lid with Water

Use the included spray bottle to mist the underside of the lid. Then put the lid on the container, and press to seal.

Inexpensive microgreens kit for beginners

Put the Container in a Dark Place

Put the container in a dark place for 2 days. (I put mine in a drawer.) During this time, remove the lid and lightly mist the seeds once a day.

1.5 days in – photo

Days 3-4

True Leaf Market Mini Microgreens Kit Review

Starting around day 3, you’ll notice that the microgreens have started to push up the lid.

At this point, remove the lid, and mist the seedlings. You’ll use 4-5 pumps from the mister twice a day. Adapt the amount of mist you use based on how damp or dry your soil is.

At this point you want the microgreens to get light, so place the container in an area that will receive 12-16 hours of light per day. You can use sunlight or artificial light. According to the instructions, it’s best if the light is directly overhead. However, I decided to light my microgreens by putting them close to one of my AeroGardens. Because of that, the light I provided was from the side, rather than directly overhead.

Days 5-7

By day 5, watering with the spray bottle won’t provide enough water to the microgreens, so you’ll instead use a tablespoon to dribble water onto the microgreens.

Watering microgreens in the True Leaf Market Mini Microgreens Kit

You’ll need to add 3-5 tablespoons of water twice daily. Adjust the amount of water you use based on how dry or damp the soil is. I Do this gently, so you don’t damage the microgreens.

true leaf market mini microgreensHere’s a side view of what these arugula microgreens look like at this point.

Day 8 – 10

Continue watering the microgreens using 3-5 tablespoons of water, twice daily. Harvest them once they are about an inch above the edge of the container.

true leaf market mini microgreens kit reviewHere’s what the microgreens looked like on day 8.

Should You Buy the True Leaf Market Mini Microgreens Kit?

So the question is, it worth buying the kit or should you just buy the individual components?

If you’re a seasoned microgreen grower, you’ll do better if you just buy the seeds and growing medium, and do this on your own.

However, from the perspective of a gift, the mini microgreens kits are a GREAT way to go. It’s packaged beautifully and has everything you need to grow microgreens. It also currently costs less than $7, and it’s hard to find a nice gift for that price. If you just bought the little components separately, it would not make a nice gift at all.

I also like the detailed instructions, and the fact that it includes everything you need to grow microgreens. Some of the components, such as the container, lid, and mister are reusable, and that, coupled with the instructions makes this a great microgreen kit for people new to growing microgreens.


Price: $39.02

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