Hello and welcome to my latest Walmart prepper pantry grocery haul! Today’s haul includes a lot more than groceries. Often when I buy the non-food items, it’s because I’m either getting low on them, or in some cases, it’s because I have a cash-back offer from Ibotta that I want to take advantage of. That was certainly the case with today’s haul. Keep reading to discover all of the items I added to my pantry, as well as the price that I paid. I’ll also include info on the various Ibotta offers so you’ll know how much cash back I’m getting on this particular haul.

Walmart Prepper Pantry Grocery Haul

Let’s start off with hygiene items.

Health and Hygiene

  • I got three 30-oz bottles of Suave Ocean Breeze Shampoo. They cost $1.97 each, for a total cost of $5.91. I’ll get $0.25 cents back for each of those ($0.75 cash back total from Ibotta), for a net cost of $5.16
  • Suave Ocean Breeze Body Wash 15 oz, $1.52. This was not an Ibotta deal, and I bought it simply because I needed it. Since it wasn’t on sale, and since there was no Ibotta cash back on this, I bought just one.
  • Dial Ultimate Clean Body Wash – 32 ounce $6.47 – This is something my husband uses, no sale, no cash back, so I bought just one.
  • Equate Anti-Plaque Dental Rinse – 24 fl. Oz, $2.92. This was again something that was not on sale and had no cash back, but was needed so I bought just one.

Total spent on health and hygiene: $16.82 with $0.75 cash back from Ibotta, for a total net cost of $16.07

Cleaning Supplies

Next are the following cleaning supplies.

  • Palmolive Ultra Strength dish soap, – 32.5 fl. Oz for $2.98 with $0.55 cash back from Ibotta
  • Purex Laundry Detergent – 150 fl. Ounces $7.97 with $3 cash back from Ibotta
  • Great Value Bleach – 81 fl. Oz for $2.94

Total spent on cleaning supplies: $13.89 with $3.55 cash back from from Ibotta, for a total net cost of $10.89


I decided to add a small amount of meat to my pantry. First, I wanted to try Great Value Real Bacon Pieces, as a new type of meat to add to my prepper pantry. I also purchased a can of Great Value Luncheon meat to replace a can that I used in a recipe.

  • Great Value Real Bacon Pieces – 2.5 oz for $1.64.. I got this to use in soups, casseroles, and as a salad topperI got this to use in soups, casseroles, and as a salad topper. It would also work well in omelets. It’s obviously cheaper to buy real bacon, and fry it up, but I got this because it’s shelf stable.
  • Great Value Lite Luncheon Meat – 12 oz. – $1.84 – 25% less sodium, 35% fewer calories, 50% less fat. I recently made a casserole with regular Great Value Luncheon meat (regular Spam) and while tasty, it was a bit on the salty side, so I thought it would be worth trying this lower salt, lower fat option.

Total spent on meat: $3.48


I added just one dairy item to my pantry this week – canned evaporated milk. I’d like to try canning milk one of these days, though canning milk is not approved by the USDA. A lot of people do it, and some love it and others not so much. For now, I decided to just buy a few cans to add to my pantry.

  • 3 cans Great Value fat free evaporated milk – 12 oz $0.94 – last time I went to the store, they were out of evaporated milk. I make a point of buying things that were previously out of stock. Fat free was the only type available.

Total spent on dairy: $2.82

Snacks and Beverages and Misc.

  • Good Thins Crackers – 2 boxes 3.5 oz, $1.86 each box, with $2.56 back from Ibotta
  • Pepsi Zero Sugar – $1.25, with $1.25 back from Ibotta (free after cash back)
  • Great Value White Distilled Vinegar – 1 gallon $2.64 – mainly use for canning. Only have 1 jug that is about half gone, so wanted to replace it. Can use vinegar for a lot of things, such as cleaning.

Total spent on snacks, beverages, and misc.: $7.61 with $3.81 cash back from Ibotta for a net cost of $3.80

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Great Value Mushroom Pieces and Stems – 4 oz, $0.68 – the last few times I’ve been to the store, they’ve been out of stock, so got these even though I wanted 6 oz cans.

Total spent on fruit and vegetables: $2.04


  • Kraft Mayo Olive Oil – $2.98 – Ibotta – – $0.75 cash back from Ibotta
  • Best Foods Cilantro Lime – 9 oz $3.47 – Ibotta – $1.50 cash back from Ibotta
  • Early California green olives – 10 oz jar $2.97
  • Great Value yellow mustard – 20 oz, $1 – wanted to buy mustard powder but haven’t been able to, so bought this to dehydrate and turn into mustard powder.
  • Great Value Ketchup – 38 oz bottle – $1.92

Total spent on condiments: $12.34 with $2.25 cash back from Ibotta for a net total of $10.09

Items for Future Canning and Dehydrating Projects

Few other things for dehydrating projects, in addition to the mustard:

  • 5 lbs russet potatoes – $2.47. I plan to dehydrate these as very thin slices to use to make potato chips.
  • Sweet potatoes – 3 lbs – $2.44. I plan to dehydrate these in various forms, such as cubed, sliced, and mashed. I like to start with a small amount (in this case 3 lbs), when trying something for the first time. There’s always a learning curve with new things, plus I may find I don’t like something, and I don’t want to be stuck with too much of it.
  • 1.47 pounds of jalapenos for $0.98/lb. I plan to dehydrate these and use some for recipes and also make some jalapeno salt with some. – $1.44 total cost.
  • Juanita’s nacho cheese sauce – 106 oz, $8.48. I’ve been having a hard time finding canned cheese to add to my pantry. This is a great price, and I’ll recan it into smaller jars to use for individual meals and snack.

Total spent on items for future canning and dehydrating projects: $14.83 with $6.35 of that going on produce, and $8.48 on “cheese.”

Total spent: $73.83 with $10.36 cash back from Ibotta, for a total of $63.47

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