In today’s post, I’m excited to walk you through the process of canning nectarines using the Nesco (or Carey!) canner. This method is not only efficient but also preserves the deliciousness of nectarines without the need to peel them, unlike peaches. Let’s dive right in! 

How to Can Nectarines in the Nesco Canner (Video)

Ingredients and Equipment

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holding up a slotted spoon to spoon nectarines into canning jars.
A “Colander Scoop” (Amazon) really helps when it comes to removing the nectarines from the bowl.

Here are the ingredients and tools you’ll need to can nectarines in the Nesco canner.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Canning Nectarines in the Nesco

Cutting nectarines for canning. The Nectarines are in a bowl filled with water and Ball Fresh Fruit Protector (Amazon).

Step 1. Preparing the Nectarines 

Begin by washing your nectarines thoroughly. Cut them in halves, remove the pits, and then slice each half into quarters. 

Next, mix 2 tablespoons of Ball Fresh Fruit Produce Protector (Amazon) into 2 quarts of water in a clear bowl to prevent the nectarines from browning. 

Place the nectarines into this solution as you cut them. 

Step 2. Making the Syrup 

Combine 2 ¾ cups of water with 1 heaping cup of sugar in a pot. 

  Bring the mixture to a simmer until the sugar dissolves completely. 

   Keep the syrup warm while you fill the jars. 

Step 3. Packing the Jars 

Use the slotted spoon to put nectarines into the jar, and then, using a ladle, put in the syrup up to 1/2″ of headspace.

Fill your heated jars with the nectarines, leaving about ½ inch of headspace. 

Pour the hot syrup over the nectarines in each jar, maintaining the headspace. 

Use a debubbler to remove any air bubbles, and adjust the headspace if necessary. 

Step 4. The Canning Process for Canning Nectarines

Wipe the rims of the jars, place the lids on, and tighten them fingertip-tight. 

 Place the jars into the Nesco canner. Cover the jars with water. 

Set the Nesco canner to water bath, then put in the time of 25 minutes for pint jars, and 30 minutes for quarts. Then press start. Once you see a steady stream of steam, press start again, and the timer will start to count down.  

Alternate Canning Methods

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can either steam can or use the low pressure setting to pressure can the nectarines.

Here’s a video on how to steam can in the Nesco canner.

Low Pressure Canning

In an interesting experiment, I compared the low-pressure setting with the traditional water bath setting. Surprisingly, both methods finished processing at the same time, but the water bath setting seemed slightly faster due to the natural pressure release time in the low-pressure method. 

Having said that, if you want to use the low pressure setting in place of water bath or steam canning, you may do so. One advantage to using the low pressure setting is that you can can quart-size jars of nectarines in your Nesco or Carey canner.

Here’a video that shows how to pressure can in the Nesco or Carey Canner:

Note that when using the low pressure setting, you follow the same procedure as when pressure canning, except you press the LOW button instead of HIGH.

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Tips for Better Results when Canning Nectarines

Consider using the hot pack method for a better end product. This involves simmering the nectarines in syrup before packing them into jars. 

Adjust processing times based on altitude if using the water bath method. 

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