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Along with sprouting, microgreens are one of my favorite ways to grow food at home, especially if you live in an apartment or anywhere else with limited space. They are fast and easy to grow, and packed with nutrition.

Here are some of my favorite ways to grow microgreens at home, that anyone can do.

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AeroGarden Microgreens

microgreens vs. sprouts

I’m a big fan of AeroGardens in general for anyone that wants to grow food indoors. AeroGardens are so easy to use, that even people who have never managed to grow anything have success once they switch to AeroGardens. Because of that, I was excited when AeroGarden came out with microgreens kits. I bought one kit, and liked it so much I bought another one.

To grow microgreens in an AeroGarden, you need three things:

  • An AeroGarden Harvest or Bounty (both available on Amazon)
  • A microgreens kit for either the Harvest or Bounty (Amazon)
  • Microgreen or sprouting seeds

Note that you can buy microgreen seeds from AeroGarden, but in my opinion, they are overpriced. I purchase all of my sprouting and microgreen seeds from True Leaf Market. There are also a wide variety of seeds available on Amazon.

The AeroGarden microgreens kits come with felt growing medium. Like many things created by AeroGarden, the price is more than I want to pay. I came up with some growing medium alternatives, which you can read about in my article, AeroGarden Microgreens Growing Medium Alternatives.

Stainless Steel Microgreen Growing Trays

I picked up two of these stainless-steel microgreens growing trays from True Leaf Market. They are a little bit pricey, but I recommend them because stainless steel products typically last forever. You also don’t need any growing medium, so you save money there. Also, the mesh screen is very fine, which means you can use it with even the smallest microgreen seeds without worrying about them falling through.

One thing to note about these is that they are smaller than they appear. Since they look like loaf pans, it’s easy to think they are the size of a typical loaf pan. But they are much smaller than that. The good thing about the size is that they are narrow enough that they fit well on even a narrow windowsill.

Pick up these stainless steel microgreen growing trays here.

Microgreens Growing Kit from Urban Leaf

I’ve been impressed with the quality and beautifully designed products from Urban Leaf. I also know from experience that Urban Leaf has excellent customer service. For instance, when I ordered my first microgreens kit from Urban Leaf, one of the ceramic trays had a little chip. I contacted them and received a replacement within a week.

The Urban Leaf Microgreens kit comes with 3 trays and germination domes, 12 pieces of growing medium, and enough seeds for 12 harvests. It also has excellent instructions, plus a bonus ebook on indoor gardening that I found very helpful.

I love the looks of this kit, how easy it is to use to grow microgreens, and how it fits on my windowsill.

If you have limited space, I also recommend that you pick up this window shelf, also from Urban Leaf. The microgreen trays fit perfectly on the shelf. Also, the design of the shelf is such that when you place the microgreen trays on the shelf, the suction cups don’t show. This design detail sets this window shelf apart from other similar shelves on the market.

You can pick up the Urban Leaf Microgreens kit from Urban Leaf, True Leaf Market, or Amazon.

Hamama Microgreens Kit

Hamama Microgreens Kits are a popular for a couple of good reasons. First, they are beautiful. Second, they don’t require any electricity. Finally, they are super easy to use. All you have to do is put water in the tray, and add the pre-seeded seed quilt. No need to measure or worry about the proper seed density.

If you want an option that not only grows delicious microgreens in a way that is beyond easy, while looking beautiful at the same time, Hamama is a great option.

You can purchase Hamama Microgreens Kits directly from Hamama, Amazon, or True Leaf Market.

Microgreen Seeds

I purchase all of my microgreen and sprouting seeds from True Leaf Market. Most of the seeds are Handy Pantry brand, which you can also get here, on Amazon. I’ve also heard good things about Nature Jims sprouting seeds, available on Amazon, but I haven’t personally used them.