Practical Prepping

Prepping means a lot of different things to different people. For some, it’s the doomsday prepper approach For others, like me, it means increasing food security, and being ready to weather the storms of life that I’m most likely to face.

As an example, I could face a financial setback due to some unexpected bills or a drop in income. I could experience some empty shelves at the grocery store, and as we all experienced, the inability to purchase items like toilet paper. I could need to evacuate my home due to a nearby fire. (For you, it could be a different natural disaster such as hurricanes.) In the winter, the power could go out, which could lead to a whole host of problems.

The bottom line, especially or those of us living in small spaces such as small homes or apartments, the most prudent course of action is to prep in a way that is manageable, and fits with our limitations.

With that in mind, I’m gathering and sharing with you what I feel are the most important “practical preps” for every day people, especially those living in urban environments.

Use the links below to go to the areas that are most timely to you at this juncture in your prepping journey.

Long Term Food Storage Containers (I cover different TYPES and how you can best use them)

Best Emergency Lighting for Power Outages

Off Grid Cooking Options (Coming Soon)

How to Stay Warm in a Power Outage (Coming Soon)

Financial Tips for Preppers (Just some thoughts on how to prepare financially)

Books for Preppers (Coming Soon)

Off Grid Electricity Options (Coming Soon)