Canning Resources

Canning is a favorite of preppers of all types, for good reason. There’s nothing like home canned food for preserving the bounty of your harvest, or your favorite soups, stews, chili, and more

When it comes to canning, there are several supplies you need to stock up on. The good news is many of them are reusable, so while there’s an initial investment that may be a bit hard to swallow, you don’t have a lot to buy.

Having said that, since you may need to buy quite a bit at the beginning, it’s helpful to buy the most useful items instead of buying a bunch of useless stuff.

Check out the links below to go to the topics that are the most useful to you.


Ball Jam and Jelly Maker

Canning Supplies

Canning Jars, Lids, and Rings

Canning Books

Organize Your Canning Life without Breaking the Bank!

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