The Best Indoor Gardening Tools & Resources

There are a lot of reasons for preppers to focus on indoor gardening. Obviously, if you live in an apartment or condo, your outdoor gardening space is likely very limited, or even non-existent.

If you live in home on a small lot, you may have some outdoor space, but not a lot, and because of that, you’re also growing food indoors to increase the amount of food you can produce.

There are other benefits to indoor vegetable gardening compared to outdoor vegetable gardening. For instance, indoor gardening often produces a more reliable harvest since you can maintain a more controlled gardening environment indoors. You set the temperature and control the amount of water, as well as the amount of light. You’re also less likely to have to deal with pests, since indoors isn’t the natural habitat for pests.

Finally, you can garden indoors year-round, regardless of where you live. Even if there’s a blizzard and sub-zero temperatures outdoors, there’s no concern about frosts, it being too hot or cold for the crops you’re growing, and so on.

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